Alex Gennette is a Product Designer specializing in digital commerce & VR experiences

Currently Sr Designer at PlayStation &
Digital Designer at Tiny Atlas Quarterly



2019 - Product Design

Designing new product experiences on the PlayStation Store team.



2017 - Product Design, Client Projects

Designed innovative products for clients at an enterprise scale while building new teams and processes internally with a special focus on VR and emerging tech.

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Virtual Worlds

2017 - Unreleased VR Experience

An experimental game / drifter. Used to test the interaction patterns of the new medium.
Public release coming soon.


Tiny Atlas Quarterly

2017 – Lead Designer & Developer

Designed and built the Tiny Atlas Quarterly website, a photography publication that is known for telling rich, beautiful stories that unfold through images, art, and personal accounts.

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2016  – Product Designer

Confidential onsite design work with the Critical Mass and Apple teams. 


Live Graphics Editor

2015 – Lead Product Designer & Developer

Fully integrated graphics system that allows producers to animate, preview and import data into for live shows.


IGN Video Series

2015 – Product Designer

An extension of the video ecosystem that allows fans to follow their favorite shows and personalities at IGN.


Target iPad App

2014 – Lead Experience Designer

Inspirational browsing that provides a unique experience for the Target customers on iPad.


Google Shopping Express

2014 – Experience Designer

Designed new product concepts that enhance the same day shopping experience for customers.