Product Page Redesign

The North Face

The North Face approached Fluid to redesign their Product Detail Page. They wanted something that would be more modern and showed users how well designed and technical their product really are. The final design we delivered was greatly praised and is an experience that many of our other clients look to as a best in class.

Interaction Designer


My Deliverables
Functional Specs


Laying out a story

We began by working with printout and sticky notes to tell a story about the products we were designing for. When it comes to The North Face those stories revolve around adventure and the extreme sports so we set up these new product pages to tell those stories through a variety of modules. Some are about about actual adventures these products have been on and others that offer ideas for users to aspire to.

02_Direction_3 Left_2.png

Detailing the experience in high fidelity 

Taking the concepts from the paper prototype exercise I pulled them together into a cohesive single story for a product. New ideas like pulling in customer photos were detailed here.


Product Showcase

Gear is now shown front and center with massive product shots.


Gear in Action

As users scroll into the product story lifestyle photography and features are intertwined to tell the story behind the product and the new heights it could users to.