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A bold blending of sports and shopping.

Oakley is a brand known internationally for being on the cutting edge of design and technology in the realm of active eyewear. While they had a vast array of great content relevant to their brand it was fragmented around the web with no central experience for the entire Oakley brand. They needed a new approach to what Oakley could be in the digital space.

While at Fluid I was part of the team that worked to create a new fully responsive digital shopping experience for Oakley. We were able to melding their brand, content and products together into a cohesive and innovative digital experience that reflected the boldness of their physical products. Tho achieve this massive scale of a project including 50 unique page templates, I traveled to Oakley HQ to work with the client and their in house creative team.


Experinece Designer




Defining the problem

We began by examining the issues that were present with the old experience and conducting working sessions with the client. From this research we were able to define goals for the project.

  • Convey the same boldness of the physical product through a web experience.
  • Integrate the brand and shopping experience into a cohesive whole.
  • Don't follow industry trends, create a new standard.
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Who does Oakley inspire?

We developed personas and user flows based on client research to better understand why and how users interact with the Oakley brand. These artifacts would help us establish a usefully and intuitive experience for the end user.


Crafting a dynamic experience

At Fluid we experimented with different approaches to documenting responsive intent before landing on Zone Diagrams, an artifact that worked well for our client. We used them to detail how each page scales and how modules refactor without getting caught up in the design choices.

Event Landing Zones.png
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A massive new domain

With over 50 wireframe templates we created a huge new, ever expanding experience for the Oakley users. These included sections for live events, interactive look books and community events along with there entire catalog of products. Through out all of these we promoted the active lifestyle and how Oakley owners aspire for greatness.


A Bold New

More than just a place to shop, the new Oakley is meant to inspire.


All the new looks

Interactive look books promote the latest trends and allow for bundled purchases.


Extreme aspirations

Get inspire by some of the world's most well known extreme athletes. See what your gear your heroes use and upcoming events across a variety of sports.

Additional Credits

Dave Hogue - VP of UX
Matt Sugihara - Interaction Designer
Jessica Lin - Interaction Designer

Joel Belsco - Creative Director
Felix Roos - Visual Designer
Andrew Valencia Yan - Project Manager