Full Commerce Website


JanSport–a major consumer brand–has been lacking an e-commerce website and when they decided the time was right to start selling their products online they came to Fluid to design the experience. This site was built on top of a reference store so I was able to focus on creating elegant brand pages along with product collection experiences to engage and inspire users. 

Interaction Designer




Site Map

Once we have the redesign requirements outlined I make a rough site map to outline what pages we'll need to make and how the user will be able to access those pages.


Taxonomy Audit 

As part of the redesign process I reviewed JanSport's current taxonomy and proposed improvements and refinements.


The Heritage

Jansport has a rich history behind the brand that wasn't being taken advantage of with their old site. Through new product collection experiences and and interactive timeline we were able to bring some of that amazing history to the customers as well as elevate the normal product shopping experience.

02_Music and Events.png

Inviting users to the bonfire

Jansport hosts free concerts around the country called Bonfire Sessions where they give away gear and have live art installations. We created a new section for their website to promote all of the rich brand content that gets produced around these events to promote user engagement and invite all Jansport customers to the bonfire.