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Expanding the IGN Video Product

Previously IGN didn’t have a clear way to display show information. The Product team was tasked with creating an improved way for users to find the shows and personalities that enjoy. This also has the secondary task of reaffirming branding of shows and increase brand awareness by introducing it in many places outside of just the videos themselves. 

Product Designer

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Project Brief
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Functional Specifications
Visual Designs

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Defining the Problem

Once we have the redesign requirements outlined we make a rough site map to outline what pages we'll need to make and how the user will be able to access those pages.

Taxonomy Audit 

In conjunction with another experience designer, reviewed JanSport's current taxonomy and proposed improvements and refinements.



After collecting requirements and an extended sketching session with a visual designer, wireframes are created to convey our design intent.

02_Music and Events.png

Functional Specifications

While creating wireframes, notes are made across the documents. Once wires have been approved a working functional specifications document was made for all custom pages starting with the base notes made during wireframing. 

Visual Design